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The Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost

One of the most gripping stories in all of scripture comes from Exodus 3, when Moses encounters a bush on Mt. Horeb. The bush is ablaze, but not consumed by the fire. When Moses sees this odd occurrence, he draws near to hear God speak, giving him a commission to deliver the Israelite people from their oppression in Egypt. Over the centuries, we have come to speak of "burning bush experiences" to refer to those moments when we have felt especially close to God, and perhaps even heard God speaking to us in some way. As we continue our study of Mike Slaughter's Dare to Dream, chapter 3 suggests that we can discover our own burning bush if we look for it, and that our burning bush will help us determine God's purpose for our life. Read Exodus 3: 1-10 to prepare for worship this Sunday. 

Speaker: Rev. Jim Humphries

September 25, 2022

Rev. Jim Humphries

Pastor of Congregational Care

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