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General Information

Where is the Library? On the ground floor of the church, along the same hallway as the staff offices.

When is the Library open? Sundays 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., and Monday - Friday during normal Church Office hours.

Who can check out items? Members of DUMC, the church's Weekday Preschool, and others in the community, provided that we have a record of your contact information.

For how long can items be kept? All items may be checked out for 2 weeks. You are welcome to renew any item by phone, email, or in person, as long as no one else is waiting to borrow it.

Can items be reserved? Absolutely. Contact Gail Spach, who will be happy to assist with the location of resources and with research.


Over 9,000 items for adults and children. We have an exciting collection of brand new and classic books, audio books, and DVDs. Explore our resources, listed below, or access the Library's online database.

The Library's adult collection is divided into the following categories: The Arts, Bible Studies, Biography, Fiction, Methodism, History, Personal Growth, Social Justice, Spiritual Growth, and Parenting.

We have a large selection of children's fiction and nonfiction and a growing collection of young adult books. There is a special section of children's books called "Junior Concerns" to help children through life's challenges (anxiety and perfectionism, grief, illness, changes, bullying, emotional challenges, interpersonal relationships, etc.).

The Library supports the United Methodist Women's Reading Program. We have selections from the reading list - which includes adult, youth, and children's books - on a special shelf in the Library where you will also find more information about the program. Click here to reach the official UMW Reading Program page - and visit the DUMC UMW Reading Program page on Facebook

Audio Books
The Library houses many audio books for adults and children.

Our DVD collection includes classic and recent movies as well as DVDs with a religious theme and documentaries.  

Other Resources
The Library has a Reference section that includes different translations of the Bible, dictionaries, the 12-volume set of the New Interpreter's Bible, and other Bible study reference books.   

Further resources are available from the North Carolina Conference United Methodist Media Center. Ask librarian, Gail Spach for more information.

We extend our thanks to all those who are current or former Library volunteers, some of whom have given their time to the Library for many years. We are grateful to have volunteers in all our regular weekly positions. 

If you would like to help out with occasional special projects in the Library, please contact Gail Spach.

Gifts to the Library

We gladly accept contributions to the Library Fund throughout the year. Making a contribution to the Library is a wonderful way to honor friends or family members.

We appreciate the donation of small quantities of new or used books or other items, which may either be used on the shelves or offered for sale, the proceeds from which benefit the Library.


Gail Spach


Gail Spach