College Students

Whether attending college several states away or right here in our own back yard, DUMC's College Ministry welcomes you!

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Davidson College Students


DUMC Students

Support Our Students!

College is one of the most formational seasons in a young person’s life. Through our Campus and College Ministries, we are able to remain connected to our college students. You can support our students by providing meals, participating in events on campus, adopting college students, and, most importantly, by praying for our students and all those connected to college campuses.


Sarah Belles

Rev. Sarah Belles

Associate Pastor for Campus & College Ministries



 Young Adult Council

The Young Adult Council is a team of young adults whose purpose is:

Community-Development: To create and offer space for authentic Christian community for young adults, primarily ages 18 - 35, within DUMC and the surrounding community.

Leadership Formation
: To form young adults into faithful disciples and equip them to live as servant leaders in our community and world.

To advocate for young adults in DUMC, the Church, the community, and the world.