Building Program

 August 2019 Update
In February 2018, the Davidson United Methodist Church Congregation voted to pause the building effort with a commitment to revisit in 1Q19.
In February 2019, the Administrative Council voted to move forward with the build portion of the Stepping Out In Faith capital campaign by re-engaging the congregation, staff and small groups to re-asses the spatial needs and ministry priorities of the church and established the Building Re-Engagement Team (SOIF-BRET). The purpose of this team was to research and develop an understanding of what DUMC looks like today and what are the current needs of the SOIF pillars (Music, Youth, and Fellowship).
On Sunday, August 25 the SOIF-BRET team presented their findings to the Administrative Council. It was clearly stated that the presentation was based on the team's data collection and findings, not a building recommendation. The Administrative Council voted and the result of the vote was to pass it to the Building Committee who will determine the next steps. A recommendation from the Building Committee will be presented in 1Q20.

DUMC Building Timeline

SOIF BRET 8/25/19 Report

February 2019 Update

Thanks to the vision and faithfulness of our congregation, DUMC has $3.3M in our Building Fund and another $1.2M in pledges outstanding. In addition, construction has already begun on the columbarium.

On Sunday, February 3, 2019, the Administrative Council voted to move forward with the build portion of the Stepping Out in Faith capital campaign by re-engaging the congregation, staff, and small groups to re-assess the spatial needs and ministry priorities of the church. In parallel, we will continue to track key measures of financial wellness (weekly giving and pledges) and congregational engagement (through attendance in services, small groups, choir, youth, etc.) that will help to frame the budget for the build. No later than the first Quarter of 2020, an updated building vision and budget will be presented that reflects the priorities and needs of our church.

While we are very excited about the future of our church, we have experienced many changes since the planning stages of the capital campaign in 2015. Through multiple transitions in leadership, we have seen declines in church attendance, weekly giving, and pledges; while other parts of our ministries (ex. youth, choir, etc.) continue to thrive. DUMC’s Leadership Team remains strongly supportive of our need to invest in the church facilities necessary to foster and grow our ongoing ministries.  This includes maintaining the Stepping Out in Faith focus on spaces for our youth, music programs, and multi-purpose activities. However, upward trends in construction costs and reductions in financial giving are material enough for us to re-evaluate the original plans and budget for the build portion of the capital campaign.

We invite you to be a part of this effort by providing your feedback. Along with upcoming sharing sessions that will be scheduled to answer questions and gather feedback, you can also send your questions or comments to .

Updates on progress throughout the year will be available via the church bulletin, emails, and posted on this page of the website.

In Christian love,

Administrative Council Chair: Dave Wansley
Administrative Council Vice-Chair: Pat Johnson
Capital Campaign Chairs: Lisa Livingston & Ron Turner
Building Committee Chair: Suzanne Carter
Senior Pastor: Shane Page
Director of Finance & Operations: Patti Waldeisen


Columbarium Fact Sheet