Missional Impact

A congregation committed to & sent out to engage in sustainable & transformational missions.

I came so that they could have life - indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest. (John 10:10b, CEB)



Bags of Hope:
From Home:

  • Adopt a student and pack a weekly bag of food to be dropped off in the orange Bags of Hope bins outside of the AEB building weekly
  • Pack “emergency bags” and drop bags off in the orange Bags of Hope bins outside of the AEB building at their convenience 

Drop off:

  • Bags of Hope can always use donations of:
    • Hormel Compleats Meals (any variety)
    • Canned soup (Ready-to-eat varieties)
    • Boxes of Macaroni & CheeseI
    • Individually wrapped snack items (packs of crackers, packs of cookies, protein bars, granola bars, Chex Mix, etc.)

Serve at Location:

  • Bags of Hope is continuing to pack bags at the Bags of Hope warehouse weekly in a “self-guided, small group” format. Individual families or groups of no more than 4 non-family members may register to pack a one-hour time slot. 

Please contact Ashley Nydish at  to volunteer for any of the opportunities above or with questions.


We will be hosting a ‘Virtual Lunch & Learn’ twice a month beginning Tuesday, February 9th at 12:00 PM. Tour the school and see the mission in action, followed by Q & A time with our Head of School, John Murray. Each Lunch & Learn will last approximately 20 minutes.

To register to attend, please complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeNfKkvj8tYtEJ634TRXyUq_GZfDruw423sj8MM6xZfs06P1w/viewform.

You can also email for more information. Can’t make it? Shoot us an email and we will keep you posted when more dates become available.

Caterpillar Ministries:
Birthday Celebrations Ministry  kicks off February 1. Grab a group of friends or neighbors or co-workers and jump in to bake cookies and/or deliver birthday surprises to some of our neighbors. Email   Fleck. 

MyPath mentors  will be excited to know we just received $2500 from the Terracon Foundation to further assist our high school students as they look toward their future. The administration at Hopewell High is communicating with our staff and parents of teens so everyone is ready to finish out this year on track. MyPath is soon becoming two paths — 1. MyPath College and 2. MyPath Career. Rising 9th-graders will choose which path best suits them (and they always can change directions) and mentors also will be able to choose. We also need more mentors, so spread the word. Everything is virtual (on Zoom) at the time being. For more details, email   Moses.

Tutoring Gets Reading  with our new Reading Checkup program through a $7000 grant from Read Charlotte. We have about 75 children registered and ready to go. Pat Geary is connecting with current tutors to explain how the program works. Torrence Creek Elementary administrators and teachers are very excited and are behind all we're/you're doing. Virtual tutors: keep up the good work! You are motivating and engaging our kids in their learning. With some 295 children now participating with Caterpillar, we also need more virtual tutors. If you want to know more, email  .

Do you have 1 hour  on Wednesday mornings? This volunteer will drive to a local school and pick up some free CMS lunches and then return to Huntington Green. We have several families without transportation, and sometimes moms are sick, so we'd like to be able to deliver the kids' weekly lunches to them. Most parents who've signed up are able to go get the lunches themselves. Email Donna .

Can you take a 1- or 2-hour shift  each week to help with the the Bags of Hope distribution? These are filled with snacks for our school students that are brought to Dad's House, 12001 Cimmaron Road, every Tuesday morning. We need a volunteer(s) to help unload the bags and place them in Dad's House (Tuesdays 10-10:45am). If you are available, email  .

Then, we need volunteers to take shifts on Wednesday and Thursdays (both days 10am-noon or noon-2pm) to help with distributing the bags to our families. This is outside and a mask is required; if you can take a shift each week, email  .

Food distribution  is happening 10am-2 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. A couple of volunteers are needed to pitch in with this weekly ministry at Dad's House; oftentimes there are some other miscellaneous tasks to help with too while hanging out with us. Again, this happens outside and a mask is required. To volunteer, email  .

Bible Bags is growing  and Team Caterpillar needs help in a variety of ways:

  • The Bible story/lesson/activities bags are increasing to spread the love of Jesus to kids/families and our senior citizens. Do you know a business or church willing to donate the Xeroxingeach week? What about a small group to assemble the 150 bags (we supply the green bags)? We realize the number of pages to be copied (maybe 15-25 pages x 150 copies) is a lot — but. ideally, if we have several businesses or churches we could rotate. Email 
  • Distributing the Bible Bags is the next step. We're looking for a number of small groups (faith, civic, etc.) to help us break up the neighborhood into streets and deliver the bags to the front steps of our families. Two people (1 pair wearing masks) in a car (your own) to drive a few streets in Huntington Green. The time commitment is about 1 hour a week. Email  .

Habitat House:

Construction: Traditional group construction opportunities are on the horizon, likely sometime in the spring, depending on the state health status.  Once that resumes, Zach will reach out to invite us to participate.  Group sizes will be limited compared to traditional volunteer numbers until we get past Covid.

ReStore:  This is the more pressing need at the moment and there is availability at Habitat's Cornelius ReStore, just down the road from DUMC, for both individuals and groups to volunteer.  Attached are two PDFs describing the opportunities to volunteer.

  • Individuals: Opportunities are available on a recurring basis (once a week shifts for a minimum 6 month commitment; 9:30am-1pm or 1pm-4pm on Tuesdays through Saturdays).  Individuals can visit https://www.cltregionrestore.org/volunteer/ to see the different roles and locations they may choose to volunteer.  Interested individuals will need to complete an online application at https://habitatcltvolunteers.force.com/apex/VolunteerRestoreRegistration, or they can contact Shawn Grady ( ) with any questions. 
  • Groups: Opportunities are scheduled through Raija Woods ( ), who can coordinate available times and tasks.

Mooresville/Lake Norman Christian Mission:

These opportunities are available at The Christian Mission

  • Commodity Supplement Food Program Delivery
  • Grocery Store Pick-Up
  • Pantry Associate
  • Personal Shopper

 Sign-Up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/?go=c.SignUpSearch&eid=08C2C1DBFFC4FA&cs=09CBBADD8FCC8B177B7964035BB7

Neighborhood Care Center:

Our Manna for Life food distribution program runs every second Saturday of the month. The vision is to see our local church groups and Civic Groups lead the efforts of the event.

There are several components. First, we gather enough food for about 60 families that consist of an itemized list that we provide. Second, 6-8 volunteers arrive at the Care Center at 9:15 am. We start prepacking bags anywhere form 150 – 175. We start the distribution of food at 11:00 am. This requires about 4 to 6 volunteers. We have two Care Center volunteers approaching the families and making sure they are registered and they coordinate with the runners.
Contact: Manny Rosado at mailto:director@neighborhoodcc.org to sign up or learn more.

Serenity House:

Serenity House (SH) is always glad to receive the following items. They always have people in need of these type things.

Medical Supplies....
shower chairs
bedside commodes
briefs (obviously unused, but maybe leftovers in packs)
electric hospital beds 
geriatric lifts
Always Expendables....
paper towels
toilet paper
anti-bacteria wipes
laundry detergent
Seasonal Decorative recyclables like.....
candle sticks


 The YMCA can host 20-30 minute sessions where a volunteer could read stories or share/present on a topic, and then facilitate a few questions from the children. For example, introducing children to a career- virtual tour of a fire house, small business; introducing children to a hobby- at home aquariums; raising service dogs; making pizza. The volunteer could contact Katie Eagan at with ideas ant they would determine which age is best suited and select a day and time. The YMCA would schedule a Zoom call for children to participate in from our conference room. These would be scheduled at least a week in advance.

Preschool: Mon-Fri; 10am-12pm
3 years
4 years

School Age: Mon-Fri; 3-5pm. Wednesdays we can start earlier (noon) as most of the kids have half days.
2nd-  3rd
4th - 8th