Safe Sanctuary Quiz

Safe Sanctuary Quiz

I certify that I have read the online Safe Sanctuaries Annual Update in its entirety.*

I play a vital role in the Christian education of the children/youth of DUMC.*

I should use my judgment about administering medication to a child.*

As long as I know the parent of a preschooler or childcare-aged child, I can turn the child over to them even without receiving a parent security badge.*

My child can assist me in the classroom no matter what age child I teach.*

DUMC's Safe Sanctuary Policy is in place to protect the children/youth and volunteers of the church.*

I am always to have the youth assistant help children in the restroom.*

I can start accepting children in the classroom as soon as I arrive.*

I can send youth assistants on errands for me.*

I should always call on a hall monitor if I need to step out of the room or need an extra item.*

Designated adults are to escort children through fifth grade to and from class.*

If I have discipline issues in my classroom, I can call on program staff to help resolve them.*

My co-teacher serves as a witness in the event I am asked to help in the restroom or if I need to speak with a child in the hallway about a discipline issue.*

My spouse/sibling/child and I can still teach together as long as a third, unrelated adult is present in the room.*