Page-Turner Zoomcast

Join our Pastors, Shane and Kevin, and our Director of Communications, Karen Payne, as they discuss current topics happening in and out of the church. If you have a topic or question for future episodes, please contact Karen Payne.

Episode 39: March 3
Enjoy the conversations and laughs before the show (otherwise known as the "blooper reel".) This never seen before footage includes some comical moments between Shane, Kevin, and Karen before they started their more serious discussions.

Episode 38: February 24
Shane explains the reason for his unique piece of artwork in his house. Kevin and Shane answer two questions from viewers; one about praying and the other about judgement, heaven, and hell. Shane share's some parting words and Karen discusses what is next after Page - Turner.

Episode 37: February 17
It's Ash Wednesday and Shane, Kevin, and Karen talk about the importance of this holy day and how to experience this time of sacrifice for Lent. They also discuss Shane's last sermon for the church wide book study, Apprenticeship With Jesus and how to live every day as an apprentice.

Episode 36: February 10
Shane, Kevin, and Karen discuss another upcoming church holiday that has turned into commercialism, Valentine's Day. Then they dig deeper into Shane's sermon from Sunday regarding imitating Jesus on his cross and how apprenticing with Jesus also includes suffering. They answer a confirmand's question, "If God created us perfectly, why is there sin?" and give an update on events at DUMC for Ash Wednesday.

Episode 35: February 3
Did you know that there is another holiday on February 2 besides Groundhog day? Super Bowl Sunday is this week and the three briefly discuss the upcoming game. The main topic of this episode is continuing to dig deeper into the churchwide book study of Gary Moon's Apprenticeship with Jesus and Shane's sermon about the counter culture nature of Christianity. Shane and Kevin answer a Confirmand's question, Why do some people give up on God and become Atheists after having once believed?

Episode 34: January 27
Shane addresses the recent announcement about his leaving DUMC, and then Kevin, Karen, and Shane have a discussion about the current churchwide book study, Apprenticeship with Jesus, by Gary Moon. Confirmation classes have started and they answer a student's question, "is sin forgiven if the sinner did not really believe in Jesus?"

Episode 33: January 20
On this Inauguration Day, Shane, Kevin, and Karen have a guest, Mary Shea, join them. Did you know that the DUMC Chapel has a bell in the steeple? Kevin shares where the bell came from and when it was rung for the first time. The main topic the group discusses today is about the new building proposal that has been in the works for years. Mary gives an update on the progress the Building Committee has made and what the next steps are. They also share images of what the new building will look like and go over the plans for the new space.

Episode 32: January 13
In typical fashion, Shane, Kevin, and Karen go down a rabbit hole of discussing old tv shows and movies and come out with a topic idea for a future episode. Shane also shares what character he dressed up as for Halloween based on a popular 80's television show. The main topic for today focuses on the events of last week at the Capitol and how the Girardian philosophy regarding the mob and scapegoat mechanism took over and how that relates to the Bible and today.

Episode 31: January 6, 2021

It's the first Page - Turner episode of 2021 and Shane, Kevin, and Karen recap their Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays. Today's topic falls on Epiphany which is perfect timing to discuss the Magi and their importance to the Christmas story. Who were they? Where did they travel from? What is the significance of the gifts they brought and what can we learn from them today?

Episode 30: December 16

For the last episode of 2020 Shane, Kevin, and Karen discuss Christmas shopping and New Year's resolutions. This Sunday is the final week of advent and the three discuss love. Shane explains its true meaning and that love is more than an emotion.

Episode 29: December 9

Karen tells the story about her Christmas tree and Kevin shares how the Christmas Eve service is coming together. This upcoming Sunday in Advent is Joy, and Shane, Kevin, and Karen discuss what the true meaning of joy is and how to find joy during this holiday season.

Episode 28: December 2

After three weeks, Shane, Kevin, and Karen are back together! They catch up on what they did over the Thanksgiving holiday, talk about Christmas trees and then discuss reclaiming the real meaning of Advent. Advent is much more than only preparing for the birth of Jesus.

Episode 27: November 18

Kevin and Karen have another guest on today's show, Brittany Viehmann, who has started her job this week as the DUMC Youth Program Coordinator. Brittany shares how she and her family came to DUMC and what she is looking forward to working with our youth program now and in the future. 

Episode 26: November 11

Kevin and Karen have a special guest on today's show, DUMC member Ashley Nydish. Kevin and Karen initiate Ashley to the show by discussing fall, the holidays, and of course space. Ashley shares how Bags of Hope got started and explains how the program provides meals for students in the Lake Norman area and how you can help. 

Episode 25: November 4
We survived Halloween, the time change, and a full moon all in the same week. Now as voting is over and as we are waiting on the results of the president-elect, Shane, Kevin, and Karen discuss religion and politics and how they coexist. Click on the video link below to watch this week's episode.

Episode 24: October 28

DUMC's Senior Accountant, Sarah Haynes, joins Shane, Kevin, and Karen today and gives an update on our year-to-date finances and how things are looking for the end of 2020 and into 2021. They also discuss Halloween and All Saints Day and what worship will look like on November 1.

Episode 23: October 21

Shane, Kevin, and Karen give some updates on what has been happening at DUMC over the last two weeks and then dig into the topic of evidence that God exists. Click on the video link below to watch this week's episode.

Episode 22: October 7

Shane, Kevin, and Karen discuss the theological virtue, hope. Hope is more than just wishful thinking and being optimistic. Watch/listen to this week's episode to learn why hope is important.

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Episode 21: September 30

Shane, Kevin and Karen discuss the emotion of anger. What the Bible tells us about it and how we can be better Christians at managing it.

Episode 20: September 23

Shane, Kevin, and Karen share news on in-person worship resuming and what the plans are for Christmas Eve. Click on the link to also hear updates on what has been happening at DUMC with regards to nominations, Confirmation, audio/video updates, General Conference, and don't forget about the Pumpkin Patch!

Episode 19: September 16

Can science and religion work together? Shane, Kevin, and Karen discuss the similarities and differences of science and religion, and can you still be religious and fact based?

Episode 18: September 9

What does a banana, a 16th birthday and the beatitudes all have in common? It's what was discussed on this week's episode of Page-Turner!

Episode 17: September 2

Shane and Kevin answer a viewer's question regarding other religions and their follower's fate if they don't believe Jesus is the Son of God.
Karen shares her frustrations about technology and Shane gives an update on small group meetings and communion.

Episode 16: August 26

What is the church? Shane, Kevin, and Karen answer this question that seems so simple, but is quite complex. Also, Karen shares some interesting 2020 online data statistics.

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Episode 15: August 19

This week on Page - Turner, Shane, Kevin, and Karen discuss the topic of how to discern God's will and steps to get started in doing so. Also Shane let's go of a piece of his heart. 

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Episode 14: August 12

This week on Page - Turner, Shane pitches a new reality television show series to Kevin and Karen! They discuss the results of the congregation survey, the planning that has been happening to return to church, and what/when returning to in-person worship may look like.

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Episode 13: August 5

This week on Page - Turner, Rev. Jim Humphries is our guest pastor! 
Shane, Jim, and Karen talk about Jim's first year at DUMC and what it's like being the Pastor of Congregational Care. They also answer a viewer's question about evangelism and Jim gets put in the "hot-seat" and answers the famous eight questions! 

Episode 12: July 29

This week on Page - Turner, meet our new pastor of Education, Rev. Dianne Lawhorn! Dianne tells us about her past and how she got to DUMC, and how she is getting accumulated to her new position during this time. Karen shares another animal story and explains to Dianne what it's like working down at the end of the hall next to Kevin. Feel free to email Rev. Dianne and introduce yourself. 

Episode 11: July 22

This week on Page - Turner, meet our new pastor of Missions and Involvement, Rev. Brad Hinton! Brad talks about his journey to DUMC, what he hopes to accomplish while working at DUMC and gets put in the "hot seat" at the end of the discussion to answer eight important questions.

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Episode 10: July 15

This week on Page - Turner, Shane, Kevin, and Karen talk about parables and Kevin and Shane share their favorites. Shane also answers a question, submitted from a listener, about General Conference and the possible split of the denomination. 

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Episode 9: July 8

This week on Page - Turner, Shane, Kevin, and Karen talk about the Bible. It's the most widely read book, but the least understood. They discuss the basics of where it came from and then dig deeper on where to begin and how to read it.  

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Episode 8: July 1

This week on Page - Turner, Shane, Kevin, and Karen talk about forgiveness, what it is and what it means, and how to forgive. Also Shane gives an update on his car mirror and Karen answers a listener question on how she came to DUMC.

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Episode 7: June 25

This week on Page - Turner, Shane, Kevin and Karen are all back together! They discuss prayer - what it is, why it's important to pray daily, and some tips on how to pray. Karen also shares a story about her dog and Shane has a run in with an antelope

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Episode 6: June 18

This week on Page - Turner Kevin is back and Karen interviews him about his calling and what it's like being the Pastor for Music and Worship at DUMC. 

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Episode 5: June 11

This week on Page - Turner Shane gives an update on reopening the church and Karen interviews Shane about his calling and what it's like being a pastor. 

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Episode 4: June 4

This week on Page - Turner we discuss Shane's statement regarding the events associated with the death of George Floyd and how we can change our ideologies; Shane also explains the traffic light analogy for returning to church.

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Episode 3: May 28

This week on Page - Turner we talk further about Ascension Sunday, some current quarantine trends and Shane provides another update when we might be worshiping in person again.

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Episode 2: May 21

This week on Page - Turner we discuss the effects quarantine has had on us, confirmation, the trend of young adults leaving the church, and answer a viewer's question on when we might be returning back to worship in person. (Please note Shane's statement regarding returning in June was before the Bishop's recommendation of postponing worshiping together in person until after June 30. We will be following the Bishop's guidelines). 

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Episode 1: May 14

In this week's episode, we discuss Kevin's recent accomplishment and how we are reaching out to the congregation to worship during this pandemic.

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