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COVID 19 Updates

February 21, 2022

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to rescind the mask mandate enacted last August.  The mandate ends on Saturday, February 26.  In response, the DUMC COVID-19 response team (Pathfinders) suggest the following:

Effective Sunday, February 27, masks will be optional for those attending indoor ministry activities, including worship, at DUMC, preschool and children's indoor activities:

We will continue encouraging young children attending Sunday School and worship, ages 2 through the preschool class, to wear appropriate masks when indoors. As this age group cannot yet be vaccinated, we will require adults working with this age group continue to wear an appropriate mask while indoors.

The Davidson United Methodist Church Preschool, under the direction of Diane Jordan, is subject to additional health restrictions and protocols (i.e., Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and the NC Tool Kit). As a result, it is possible adults and children participating in this program may have a different policy than the church.  Please follow the guidance and instructions of our Preschool leaders and staff.

Other indoor activities:

DUMC will continue to be a mask-friendly campus affirming that an individual may to choose to wear a mask when participating in indoor activities.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently encourages individuals in communities with substantial rates of COVID-19 transmission wear a mask.  Wearing a mask may also protect against the spread of other airborne viruses including the common cold and flu.

We will continue to follow existing guidelines regarding serving food on campus, which include:

  • Individually boxed meals or prepackaged food and beverage are allowed on campus;
  • No self-serve buffets are allowed. Buffets are permitted if food is being served by designated servers.

Our pastoral staff will evaluate and may recommend changes in the ways communion is served during worship.

The Director of Music will work with all choirs regarding mask-wearing practices during worship.

DUMC COVID-19 response team (Pathfinders) :

The Reverend David Hockett                      Dr. Nancy Tarte                               Ms. Karen Payne

The Reverend Brad Hinton                          Dr. Michael Thomason                  Mr. Keith Reavis

The Reverend Jim Humphries                      Mr. Scott Howell                             Ms. Maia Setzer

The Reverend Dianne Lawhorn                  Ms. Menita Mercuri                       Ms. Charlotte Thomas

The Reverend Kevin Turner         

These recommendations will remain effective as long as they comply with existing jurisdictional mandates, requirements, or instructions and, therefore, are subject to change.              

July 29
Over the past few months, we have enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect and to gather in-person for fellowship, small groups, and worship. We truly are better together.
Due to the rise in positive COVID tests and related hospitalizations, the reports of fully vaccinated persons contracting the Delta variant, and the possibility of COVID transmission by persons who have been vaccinated, going forward, we join the CDC and our Annual Conference in encouraging the wearing of masks at all indoor ministry activities, including worship. (Children under the age of five are exempt.) We have been and remain a mask friendly campus and believe this honors our commitment to radical hospitality and our desire to care for one another. 
Finally, while we love seeing you in-person, if you experience any COVID-like symptoms please remain home, participate online, rest and get well.
We look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for caring for one another.

June 1
Updates to Campus Gatherings - Starting Tuesday, June 1, 2021
All groups can resume meeting with no size limitation (based on chairs available and/or pre-Covid room occupation limits). 
Small group leaders do need to ensure their meetings are on the church calendar and can do this via email by contacting Charlotte Thomas (  ).
Room reservation requests can also be requested through this link: 

Staff on Campus
The DUMC staff are beginning their return to campus and are excited about increased opportunities for in-person ministry. An office reopening plan and schedule are forthcoming. 

DUMC - A mask friendly campus
Those that are two weeks, fully vaccinated, can choose to wear a mask, or not, while in worship. Those that are not fully vaccinated, including those ages 5-11 are asked to continue wearing a mask inside the building.

Food on Campus
No shared food or beverages are currently allowed on campus. Individually boxed meals or prepackaged food and beverages are allowed on campus. No self-serve buffets are allowed. Buffets are permitted if food is being served by designated servers.

Updates to Worship - Starting Sunday, June 6, 2021
Registration for worship will no longer be required. Ushers will only seat those requesting physically distanced seating. Sections 4-5 will be utilized for physically distanced seating as needed. Those not asking to be distanced will self-seat in Sections 1-3 and the balcony. Ushers will return to greeting and distributing bulletins at the Sanctuary doors. The Chancel Choir will be seated in the Choir Loft. Communion (celebrated on the first and third Sundays). We will continue to use the individually packaged Communion elements, for now. We will host four stations with a separate Gluten Free station at the Baptismal Font. We will continue with our plan to offer childcare beginning Sunday, June 20. All doors will be open for entry.

Ushers will only seat and space those that want or need to be physically distanced. All that are okay to seat themselves can do so in Sections 1-3 and the balcony. Ushers will distribute worship bulletins. Ushers will not collect bulletins following worship. Please recycle. Ushers will collect offering from the cabinets – no passing of the offering plates, for now. Ushers will count pew sections. Ushers will still help the flow of Communion for those seated in the balcony.

DUMC On-Campus Covenant 
Those coming to campus will no longer be required to complete a DUMC OnCampus Covenant.  An updated copy of the covenant will be posted around campus. 

September 30
In-person worship will resume Sunday, October 11 at 9:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Registration is required and will open at noon on Tuesday, October 6 and closes at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 10. The first 75 registrants will be able to attend worship. If registration exceeds 75 people, a wait list will be a created for the following Sunday. Those names will be registered first. Each person attending worship, ages 5 and older, must complete an On-Campus Covenant.
You will receive an email confirmation when you successfully register. This confirmation will include a “Cancel” option, if you are unable to attend the service for which you are registered. Mask wearing and physical distancing practices will be observed.
Make your reservations by clicking here or by leaving a message with the Church Office no later than Wednesday at noon (704-892-8277).
Watch the video message from Rev. Shane by clicking on the link.

September 17: Library Resources Update
The DUMC Library will be offering the opportunity to pick up and drop off books and other items beginning Monday, September 21. There will be two opportunities each week to pick up items: Mondays and Thursdays between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Please email the librarian, Gail Spach, to reserve items. Requests are due by 8:00 a.m. on those days. You may use the online catalog to explore the library’s holdings or email the librarian. Library items will be individually bagged and tagged and will be available in a labeled pickup bin outside the church offices.
The librarian will be wearing a mask and gloves while in the library, and items will be quarantined and sanitized before they are bagged for pickup. In addition, a library dropbox will be located outside the church building, on the island of the Alexander Education Building, to make it easier for you to return library materials when it’s convenient for you.

September 9: Small Group Meetings Update
In following the North Carolina State Covid-19 guidelines, phase 2.5, of group gatherings, we have updated our DUMC Small Group Meeting Guidelines.
Groups up to a maximum of 25 people will be allowed to meet inside DUMC facilities depending on room capacity and availability.
Groups up to a maximum of 50 people will be allowed to meet outside on campus in designated locations.
All attendees must wear masks, maintain six feet distancing, and follow the small group guidelines and covenant.
At this time the DUMC playground will remained closed until further notice. There are other safety issues to be addressed before it can open.
If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting, you may contact Charlotte Thomas.

September 1:
Come, receive Holy Communion on Sunday, September 6 inside the Sanctuary!
The sacraments will be administered by the DUMC pastors. Mask wearing and physical distancing practices will be observed. Groups of eight will be served in 15 minute intervals, starting at 10:30 a.m. and will continue until 12:30 p.m. 
Elements will be served via individual servings, there will not be a shared cup or breaking of the bread.
Participants are to enter the Sanctuary using the Church Office entrance from the parking lot. Reservations are required and can be made by clicking here or by leaving a message with the Church Office no later than Friday at noon (704-892-8277).

September 1: Update on Small Group Meetings
We are so excited to have small groups on campus starting Tuesday, September 8. As stated previously, we have designated certain zones in our facilities for morning and evening meetings and have opened specific rooms for groups of 10 or less. We have also designated certain outdoor zones for groups of 25 and under.
All small group leaders, as specified in the Guidelines, bear certain responsibilities: They are as follows:
Read the DUMC On Campus Covenant.
You can confirm your covenant by completing the form at this link:
Forward this link to your group members. We are asking all attending members to complete this form prior to coming on campus. It is a one-time form to complete for small groups, at this time. If your group member(s) have no email access, please notify us and we will provide a printed version of the document the day your group meets on campus.
Please contact Charlotte Thomas to discuss room options, times, and/or other concerns. Once we communicated (phone or email) and leaders have completed the DUMC On Campus Covenant, room reservations can be made.
Each group leader will record attendance. We have a free App that leaders can download and use to input attendance. For group leaders without a compatible device, a written roster will suffice. Please turn it in to a staff member while on campus.

August 31 - Watch an update from our Senior Pastor, Rev. Shane Page

June 30: An Update on Small Group Meetings
Due to the expansion of the Phase 2 order in our state and under advisement from the DUMC Medical Advisory Team, we have decided to pause holding small group gatherings (inside and outdoor) at Davidson United Methodist Church. This goes into effect today. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes your group. Please know it is our focus to keep your small group participants healthy and we believe this is the best step we can take in the community to slow the spread of COVID-19.

June 11: An Update on Reopening the Church

We are excited to announce that the Return to Church Planning Team has devised group meeting guidelines and many of our small groups and classes were invited to resume meeting on Monday, June 15 at DUMC. We will continue to align with North Carolina state regulations and recommendations from our bishop. Highlights of the policy include: groups are limited to a 10 person max per room, distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing are strongly encouraged, and meeting times are Sunday - Thursday from 9:00 a.m. - noon.    
As restrictions lift, we will update the guidelines. If your group was not notified and you would like to know more, please contact Charlotte Thomas. Thanks for your prayers and support of DUMC leadership and staff, we appreciate and miss you all.