Teach to Fish

The 411 of Betterment Missions
  • Equips individuals and families to provide for their own basic needs
  • Volunteers tutor, mentor, research/evaluate best practices
  • Metrics of success: # People equipped
  • CAUTION: May create capacity without realistic access


DUMC Guatemala Learning Center
Participate in this ministry by traveling to Guatemala. Visit the internet café which is a safe, reliable, and an inexpensive place for students to develop computer skills. Contact Bill Livingston.

DUMC Guatemala Spiritual and Community Relations  
Be a part of this Guatemala Mission Team (All In Guatemala!) which builds relationships with God and the Guatemala community. This team supports the local church, does Bible School for children, sports camps for teens, and Women’s Bible studies. Contact Berta Spencer.

DUMC Guatemala Education Scholarships 
These scholarships help keep children in school and provide them with the tools they need to be successful and leaders in their community. Contact Bill Livingston.

DUMC Music Ministry Camp 
This week-long summer camp at the Brookstone School in Charlotte works with under-served youth using an age-appropriate Vacation Bible School-like curriculum. Contact Virginia Herrick.

Ada Jenkins Center LEARN Works
The purpose of the LEARN Works program is to help students
succeed academically and to enhance and increase family engagement. Contact Leslie Wilson, LEARN Works Director.

Children’s Hope Alliance
Children’s Hope Alliance is committed to a safe, nurturing family life for everyone. The Stand By Me program is an independent living program to help prepare teens for adulthood and a successful future. Contact Lorie Fees, Development Officer.

Davidson-Cornelius Child Development Center (DCCDC)  
Volunteer in DCCDC classrooms for many projects: reading buddies, special projects (art, science, gardening, music, cooking, etc.), teacher helpers, and field trip opportunities. Volunteers are also needed for cleaning, painting, repairing, etc. Contact Libby Johnston, Executive Director.

Adults & Families

DUMC Bridge Builders and Getting Ahead
Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World is a model for working with people living in poverty and instability to move forward towards a more stable life through investigative learning, discussion, and shared group experiences. Bridge Builders is a program for Getting Ahead graduates. Click here to learn more about Bridge Builders. Contact Rev. Alexis Coleman.

Davidson Housing Coalition 
Works in the community to preserve and create affordable housing options. Learn more: https://davidsonhousing.org/.

My Sister’s House 
My Sister’s House addresses the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing safe shelter, individual and group therapy, case management, and referral to outside agencies that offer necessary services. Contact Patti West, Executive Director.

The Christian Mission of  Mooresville/Lake Norman
Bridges To Success program is designed to assist homeless or at risk individuals and families to transition out of poverty and to offer the children of these families the chance of a brighter future. Contact Valerie Chamberlain, Executive Director.

Fifth Street Ministries  
Provides food, clothing, and shelter in the Statesville area. Learn more: www.fifthstreetministries.com.

Hope House Foundation
Provides transitional housing for women and children who are experiencing homelessness in the Lake Norman area. Learn more: www.hopehousefoundation.org.


Rev. Alexis Coleman

Pastor for Missional Impact & Service