Our Missions Team

The Missions Team at DUMC works diligently to be good stewards of the dollars committed to Missions by the congregation. The team meets monthly to pray together and to discern how best to allocate the Missions funds. Any team member is willing to meet with you individually or with your small group to share our working theology; our vision, mission, and core values; and where we are in the transition toward sustainable and transformational missions.

Rev. Alexis Coleman
Associate Pastor for Missions

“I believe that God called me to DUMC to lead the transition to more sustainable and more transformational missions. DUMC has the resources to make a real difference in helping others break the cycle of poverty for themselves.”

Dawn Hewitt
Missions Team Chair

Prior to my experience with ZOE and the required reading for my Kenya trip in 2016, my family and I engaged in missions as "givers."  We "served." We fed the poor, clothed those in need, had people live at our house rent free, and enabled the impoverished in our path in every possible way... I now recognize that you cannot "serve" people out of poverty. After witnessing the poorest of the poor use opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty, I see the arrogance I embodied by believing that the poor just can't do any better. The Missions Team is the means to providing opportunity in our community. We can provide a hand up to those experiencing all types of need.

Debbie Lovvorn
“Believing change is possible, I want to see children and families thrive.”

Judy Martin

Mary Barker
“My mission in life has been to serve the least of these”.

Ron Krueger
“It is an honor to serve on the DUMC Mission Team which is dedicated to leveraging the spiritual gifts of Davidson United Methodist Church. We are focused upon the hope of fulfilling what Jesus meant by “church” - his followers sent out to transform the world.”

John Quinn
“I enjoy understanding the needs of the global community, other committee members' views, and new perspectives on effective church mission, and then finding innovative and impactful ways that allow us to help each other (focus externally) become all that God has created us to be.” 

Rebecca Rosensweig
“I feel called to make a positive impact in our community and to do God's work by treating all God's creatures with kindness, dignity, and respect.” 

Ashley Cannon

Jim Farr

Will Willis