More About DUMC Missions

Our Vision

We will be a congregation committed to and sent out to engage in sustainable and  transformational missions so that all God’s children can live life to the fullest.

Our Mission

We will initiate and implement a culture which encourages this Body of Christ to engage in missions which balance short-term relief with long-term sustainable transformation.

Our Core Values


Doing all we can to help make people and their communities stronger and more confident in controlling their lives and making their own decisions and choices.


Choosing approaches that can be implemented by helpers and recipients together and continued for the long term after helpers go home.

Focus on both Justice and Compassion

Compassion: helping to alleviate the pain and suffering of others.

Justice: examining the systemic causes of pain and suffering and working to eradicate them.


Provide opportunities to build long-term relationships.

Help not Hurt

Ensure that human dignity is preserved above all else.

Create no dependencies.

Safeguard local economies.



Rev. Alexis Coleman

Pastor for Missional Impact & Service