Faith Milestones

Children and youth learn about faith first at home, second at Milestoneschurch.

Following are Milestones children/youth have the opportunity to experience while participating in the life and ministries of Davidson United Methodist Church. 

Consider these ministry milestones tools to help guide families in their child’s spiritual growth. 

Unless otherwise noted, contact Tabitha Lindsay (704-892-8277) for more details.


Contact the Church Office (704-892-8277) to schedule a baptism date. 


A seminar on prayer for preschoolers and their parents. 

WORSHIP 101: Sanctuary & Symbols

Children in kindergarten and first grade (or any older children/ siblings who missed this seminar) are invited with their parents.  

What is worship? What do I do in worship? What will I see in worship? Why is worship important and why is it important to worship together? 

Worship 201: Parenting in the Pew

Families have been worshipping together for years, but sometimes it can be challenging to have children sitting around us or to be the parent of a child in the worship service. Children learn best by doing; they are learning by observing parents and other adults. Families - those whose children have not been in worship AND those whose children have - are invited for some helpful guidance.


Children in the second grade (or any older children/siblings who missed this seminar) are invited with their parents. Registration required.

The sacraments recognized by the United Methodist Church are Baptism and Holy Communion. Learn what a sacrament is and how we are invited to enter into these sacred mysteries.



Third-graders will spend 3 Sunday mornings learning about the Third Grade BibleBible with their peers, while their parents have the option to spend time with other adults learning as well. On the third Sunday, children will receive a Bible during worship and celebrate afterwards with their families. Children and parents are encouraged to attend all sessions.

CREATED BY GOD (Human Sexuality)

A human sexuality seminar for Grades 4 - 5 and their parents. Registration required.

Human sexuality is one of God’s greatest gifts to people. Created By God is a program designed to communicate to fourth- and fifth- graders that we are a fantastic creation made by God. The topics of human sexuality, values, and relationships are approached in a frank, honest, and Bible-based manner. Space is limited. 

Contact: Menita Mercuri (704-892-8277)


"Confirmation refers to the decision a person makes to respond to God’s grace with intentional commitment, publicly reaffirming his or her baptismal vows before the congregation... During Confirmation Confirmation with BishopClass, confirmands learn about the meaning of Christian faith; the history and teachings of The United Methodist Church; and an explanation of the baptismal and membership vows they will be professing.” (Source: 

Youth in Grade 8 (and up) spend the school year together exploring their faith. 

Contact: Rev. Dianne Lawhorn (704-892-8277)