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Leadership Committee Consideration Form

DUMC Leadership Committee Consideration Request

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The leadership committees at Davidson United Methodist Church involve active participation by its members. As parts of the body of Christ, we are called to not only use our individual skills and gifts, but to also ensure that they work together with other believers for the glory of God. Please complete the charts below to help us better understand your gifts and experiences.


Christian Education

Strategic Planning

Program planning and evaluation

Recruiting, hiring, and evaluating personnel

Financial Management (budgeting/accounting)


Communications, Public Relations

Public Speaking

Insightful Counseling/Advising

Organizational Developement

Information Technology

Writing, Journalism

Please state in a couple of sentences why you feel God is leading you to consider being a member of one of our leadership committees. Be sure to include the name of the committee/position for which you would like to be considered (i.e. Administrative Council, Staff Parish Relations, Finance, Trustees, Conference Delegate, Lay Leader, and Nominations.)