What does being a part of a church really mean?

Confirmation at DUMC is for students in Grades 8 - 12. This program is designed to help educate students on what exactly being part of the church means. They will be able to hear stories, read Scriptures, and ask questions about faith. Ultimately, our goal is that students will end class having a better understanding of church and feeling more connected to DUMC.

Membership in the church

The focus of Confirmation is on the students. It is also a time for parents to experience newness in their own faith journey. At the conclusion of Confirmation, students will be confirmed as members of our church. If you are not currently members of DUMC, we highly encourage you to become members as well. 


There will be a total of 15 classes, three of which will be visits to learn about other ways of worship. Students may miss up to three classes


In order for this Confirmation season to be a success, please consider volunteering. We need leaders who will be constant throughout the year and assistants who can rotate within their group. You can elect to be in a class with your child or in another group. We will also need people who would be willing to be certified to drive the church bus or van. 

You can volunteer when you register your child. Contact Allie Sample with any questions.

Engage your student in conversation

We hope you will ask your student what they are learning and share stories with them about your own faith history. Many times, students don’t have a good idea of why their parents value church or why they are even in Confirmation. We hope you’ll spend time with them discussing things like:

  • Why do you think church is important for your own life?  For theirs?
  • Why do you want your youth to go through the Confirmation process?
  • When did you first start going to church?  Why?
  • What do you struggle with when it comes to your own faith?
  • Where have you seen God in your own life?
  • What core beliefs do you have about your own faith?  Which of these do you hope to instill in your child?

Confirmation is a special rite of passage and we hope that this year will be both helpful and impactful for your child. We are honored to walk with you and your child during this time of faith formation. Thank you for giving us the opportunity!


Allison Sample

Youth Program Coordinator