Pastors & Staff


Rev. Shane Page

Senior Pastoroffice: 704-892-8277

Rev. Kevin Turner

Associate Pastor for Music & Worshipoffice: 704-892-8277

Rev. Alexis Coleman

Associate Pastor for Missionsoffice: 704-892-8277

Rev. Linda Zastovnik

Associate Pastor for Adult Faith Formation & Congregational Careoffice: 704-892-8277

Rev. Sarah Belles

Associate Pastor for College and Campus Ministry; Lead Pastor for Saturday Night Worshipoffice: 704-892-8277


Jonna Eichorn

Administrative Assistantoffice: 704-892-8277

Pat Benfield

Administrative Assistantoffice: 704-892-8277

Sherry Carpenter

Administrative Assistantoffice: 704-892-8277

Susan Cavasinni

Administrative Assistantoffice: 704-892-8277


Charlotte Thomas

Director of Involvementoffice: 704-892-8277


Rosemary Banks

Director of Communicationsoffice: 704-892-8277

Music Ministries

Rev. Kevin Turner

Associate Pastor for Music & Worshipoffice: 704-892-8277

Katie Ann McCarty

Organist & Associate Music Directoroffice: 704-892-8277

Allison Shutt

Administrative Assistantoffice: 704-892-8277

Virginia Herrick

Director of Children's Musicoffice: 704-892-8277

Children and Family Ministries

Menita Mercuri

Director of Children & Family Ministriesoffice: 704-892-8277

Tabitha Lindsay

Associate Director of Children & Family Ministriesoffice: 704-892-8277

Heather Smith

Christian Educator for Dramatic Artsoffice: 704-892-8277

Shaun Jayne

Childcare Coordinatoroffice: 704-892-8277

Youth Ministries

Nic Glyshaw

Director of Youth Ministriesoffice: 704-892-8277

Spiritual Formation

Ann Starrette

Director of Spiritual Formationmobile: 704-488-5825


Nancy Cork

Preschool Directoroffice: 704-896-0082


Gail Spach

Librarianoffice: 704-892-8277


Patti Waldeisen

Director of Finance & Operationsoffice: 704-892-8277


Dianna Raker

Kitchen Coordinatoroffice: 704-892-8277


Keith Reavis

Facilities Manageroffice: 704-892-8277