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Click here to ask Glenn Kinken, DUMC's Executive Pastor, questions about the capital campaign and/or building plans.  All questions will remain anonymous and will be posted successively.  

Have we factored increased maintenance and utility costs into our budget for the new buildings?

A preliminary estimate shows an increase in utilities of $16,000, however as we perform the detailed design work, we will fine tune the utility costs estimates for the new spaces. We will also work with our existing vendors, such as our cleaning service, to estimate the increase in regular maintenance costs associated with the new spaces.  The good news is that for the last 8 years we have included $100,000 in the ministry budget for the Building Fund which has served as the foundation for the cash on hand for the project today. When the building is completed we will reallocate those funds to cover increased utility and maintence costs. We are blessed that our Finance Committee and Board of Trustees take seriously their role in making sure that our facilities are well maintained and that there are adequate funds available to maintain our facilities. 


Why do we need men’s and women’s robing rooms?

The robing rooms shown in the renovation of the Fellowship Hall serve several purposes.  First and foremost, they will provide a place to store our choir robes when they are not in use.  We have over 250 choir robes and these rooms will help us properly care store and care for them.  These rooms will also provide much needed storage for the choirs’ banners and other equipment.  As an added benefit, the rooms will also provide a secure space for the choirs’  personal belongings while we are worshipping.  

What is my family’s share of the cost?

No one can tell you what your contribution should be as each person or family will need to review this from an individual perspective.  The “Stepping Out in Faith” campaign asks all of us at DUMC to do just that:  reflect on the many blessings God has provided to us as a church and community, while embracing the vision of how much more can be accomplished in the future.  Whatever your decision, we ask that you first spend time in prayer on behalf of this campaign prior to responding back with any level of generosity, faith and love.  As a community of faith, we all have been blessed and continue to be so in many ways.