Special Blessings

The mission of DUMC’s Special Blessings Ministry is to support Special Blessings Picnic children, youth, and young adults with exceptional needs and their families within the life of the church. 

Our goals are...

1. To continuously find ways to educate the congregation about all types of exceptional needs in order to nurture a loving, caring, and accepting environment for families who have children with exceptional needs.

2. To support (the) children by providing Buddies/mentors for them during children and youth programming.

3. To support (the) parents by sponsoring support group and parent night out opportunities.


We invite you to be a part of Special Blessings at DUMC! Complete the online parent questionnaire at the bottom of this page. Once submitted, you will be contacted about having an interview with two members of our Special Blessings Ministry Team. During this interview, we will explore how we can be in ministry together.  


Youth and adult volunteers serve as Buddies for our children and youth with exceptional needs. Teams are formed upon request and availability. Contact Menita Mercuri if you would like to serve as a Buddy or request a team during a child/youth program or class.

His Ministry

We partner with Mt. Zion United Methodist Church to help sponsor “Just As I Am” on the second Sunday evening each month.  Click here for more details.


Special Blessings Parent Questionnaire

Parent 1 address:


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Parent 2 address, if different:


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My child enjoys music

My child is prone to seizures

Buddies are not necessarily professionals, but more often youth and adult volunteers. DUMC will attempt to include all children, regardless of needs. However, the Special Blessings Ministry Team will be honest if it is discovered that your child's needs will not be able to be met.

I have reviewed this intake form and verify that the information is correct: